Advantage and Disadvantage of Amalgam

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Amalgam is a alloy of 2 or more metal. One of these is mercury. Amalgam is prepared by combination of alloy with mercury through a process called amalgamation.

The unset mixture is then packed within prepared cavity where it hardened by crystallization.

Silver amalgam is most widely used restorative materials. The ability to restore a tooth with amalgam is reasonably simple and economical.


  • Handling is easy
  • Wear resistance
  • Wide range of application
  • Favourable long term clinical result
  • Lower cost than composite resin
  • Biologically stable and accepted
  • Economical restorative materials


  • Poor aesthetics
  • Non insulating
  • Excessive cavity cutting is required because of poor strength
  • More difficult to tooth preparation
  • Initial marginal leakage
  • Galvanic current can be produced in association with gold filling or same restoration with non-uniform condensation.
  • Oral lichen planus is also be reported with silver amalgam restoration.

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