Advantages of immediate dentures

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Advantages of immediate dentures

A. There are several advantages for the patient:

  • maintenance of the soft tissue contour of the face

 — dentures will support the soft tissues around the face in their correct position once teeth are lost

— prevent collapse of tissues together with the occurrence of infection, such as angular cheilitis

  •  maintenance of mental and physical well-being

— the patient is not seen to be edentulous; this is important for business, domestic and social purposes

— aesthetics are maintained by placing the artificial teeth in a position similar to natural teeth or improved by changing the position

  •  adaptation to dentures is aided

 — maintain tooth position

— maintain muscle balance

— prevent the formation of abnormal mandibular movements

— aids chewing and mastication

  •  patients adapt to immediate dentures provided at time of extraction; consequently, the copy denture technique may be utilised to reproduce successful design features.

B. There are also advantages for the dentist:

  • the use of existing occlusion for jaw registration procedures : teeth may act as occlusal stops, which will provide the intercuspal position and the correct occlusal vertical dimension
  • Aesthetic consideration: shape and size of the teeth are known, which will assist selection (this may prove to be a problem rather than an advantage if teeth have drifted owing to periodontal disease)
  • haemorrhage control.

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