Anatomical Landmarks : Mucous Membrane

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Anatomical Landmarks : Mucous Membrane

The anatomy of the edentulous ridge in the maxilla and mandible is very important for the design of a CD ( Complete Denture ) . The consistency of  the mucosa and architecture of the underlying bone is different in various parts of the edentulous ridge. Hence some parts of the ridge are capable of withstanding more force than other areas. A thorough knowledge of these landmarks is essential even prior to impression making.

Mucous Membrane

  • The entire oral cavity is lined by the oral mucosa.
  • The oral mucosa has two layers namely mucosa and submucosa.
  • The mucosa has keratinised, stratified squamous epithelium.
  • The mucosa covering the hard palate and the crest of the residual ridge including the residual attached gingiva is called the Masticatory Mucosa.
  • The submucosa varies in thickness and consistency and it is responsible for supporting the denture. When it is thin, it easily gets traumatized. When it is loosely attached, inflamed or edematous, it gets easily displaced.

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