Anatomy of The Thorax PPT

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Anatomy of The Thorax PPT

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The Thorax

Axial & Appendicular Skeleton

Mammary Glands

Surface Anatomy

Axial vs. Appendicular Skeleton

Axial Skeleton
  • Skull = Cranium + Facial bones
  • Vertebrae
  • Ribs
  • Sternum
Appendicular Skeleton
  • Bones of upper/lower limbs
  • Limb Girdles

Mammary Glands

Lactiferous (modified sweat) Glands
Breast made of 15-25 lobes (each a compound alveolar gland)
Lobes made of lobules (= clusters of acini/alveoli)
Acini/Alveoli lined w/milk-secreting simple epithelial cells
Lactiferous Ducts of lobes open at nipple
Areola-ring of pigmented skin around nipple
  • Sebaceous gland produce sebum during nursing
Lobes separated by adipose tissue and suspended by connective tissue = Suspensory Ligaments of the Breasts
Anatomy of The Thorax PPT


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