Anterior triangle: Boundaries, Division, Contents of anterior triangle

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Anterior triangle: Boundaries, Division, Contents of anterior triangle

Anterior triangle:


Anterior: Midline of the neck

Posterior: Anterior border of the SCM

Superior: Lower border of the mandible


  •  skin
  •  superficial fascia
  •  platysma

investing layer of deep fascia

Subdivision: subdivided by two muscle

1- Digastric muscle

2- Superior belly of the omohyoid

Into 4 triangles

  1.  Submental triangle
  2.  Submandibular triangle (digastric)
  3. Muscular triangle
  4. Carotid triangle

Contents of anterior triangle:

Submental Triangle

  • Medial: midline of the neck
  • Lateral: anterior belly of the digastric muscle
  • Inferior: body of the hyoid bone
  • Floor: mylohyoid muscle

Digastric triangle (submandibular)

  • Anterior: ant.belly of the digastric muscle
  • Posterior: post.belly of DGM  + stylohyiod muscle
  • Superior: lower border of the mandible
  • Floor: mylohyoid – hypoglosus muscles



1submandubular salivary gland (superficial part)

2- facial artery (deep to  the gland)

3- facial vein (superficial to the gland)

4- submandibular LNs (superficial to it)

5- hypoglossal nerve (deep to the gland and on the hyoglossus muscle)

Muscular triangle

  • Anterior: midline of the neck
  • Superior: sup. Belly of the omohyoid m.
  • Inferior: ant. Border of the SCM


1-anterior jugular vein

2-infrahyoid muscles

3- beneath the floor: thyroid gland-larynx –trachea-esophagus

Carotid Triangle

*behind: SCM

*above: post.belly of the digastric muscle

*in front: sup. Belly of the omohyoid muscle

* floor: parts of the

  •   middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle
  •   inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle
  •   thyrohyoid muscle

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