Apoptosis : Definition, Example

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Apoptosis : Definition, Example

Aptoptosis (programmed cell death) is the cell-mediated, controlled elimination of individual cells.
Apoptosis is a physiological process requiring energy. It is the normal means of maintaining the size of an organ in the face of continuing cell turnover or a reduction in size during atrophy. It is mediated by endogenous endonucleases. The cell shrinks and fragments into apoptotic bodies. Examples include the following.
  • Physiological:
    1. epithelium of GI tract;
    2. bone marrow;
    3. clonal selection in immune system;
    4. targets of cytotoxic T cells.
  • Pathological:
    1. after exposure to ionizing radiation, chemotherapy;
    2. smooth muscle cells around atherosclerotic plaque;
    3. viral hepatitis.

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