Apoptosis in Physiologic and Pathological Situations

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Apoptosis in Physiologic and Pathological Situations


Cell death that is induced by a tightly regulated intracellular program
Apoptosis in Physiologic Situations
  • Programmed destruction of cell during embryogenesis
  • Hormone-dependent involution   – endometrial cells (menstrual cycle)
  • Cell deletion in proliferating cell population
  • Death of host cells – neutrophils
  • Elimination of self reactive lymphocyte
  • Cell death induced by cytotoxic T-cell    – viral infected or tumor cells

Apoptosis in Pathologic Conditions

  • Cell death produced by injurious stimuli – radiation, cytotoxic drug
  • Cell injury in certain viral diseases – viral hepatitis
  • Pathologic atrophy
  • Cell death in tumors


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