Appendicular Skeleton Anatomy Visual Guide ppt – anatomy power point

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Appendicular Skeleton Anatomy Visual Guide ppt – anatomy power point

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  • Clavicle.Superior viewAcromial end (extremity)MedialLateralSternal end (extremity)2
  • Pectoral girdleLeft anterior viewSternal ends (extremities)Acromial end (extremity)Conoid tubercle (Coracoidtuberosity)AcromionClavicleHumerusManubriumCoracoid processBody of Sternum3
  • Scapular notchAcromionSuperior angleCoracoid processGlenoid cavitySubscapularfossaVertebral (Medial) border Axillary (Lateral) border Scapula.Right anterior viewInferior angle4
  •  Superior angleScapula.Right posterior viewAcromionScapular notchCoracoid processSupraspinousfossaGlenoid cavitySpineInfraspinousfossaAxillary (Lateral) border Vertebral (Medial) borderInferior angle5
  •  Humerus.Left anterior viewHeadAnatomical neckGreater tubercleIntertubercularsulcusDeltoid tuberosityLesser tubercleSurgical neck6
  • Lateral epicondyleCoronoidfossaHumerusMedial epicondyleCapitulumTrochleaHead of radiusCoronoid processNeck of radiusUlnartuberosityRadial tuberosityRadiusUlnaElbow & Forearm. Right anterior viewStyloid process of radius7
  •  Elbow. Right anterior viewHumerusCoronoidfossaMedial epicondyleLateral epicondyleTrochleaCapitulumCoronoid processHead of radiusUlnartuberosityNeck of radius8
  • Elbow.Left posterior viewHumerusOlecranonfossaOlecranonMedial epicondyleLateral epicondyleHead of radiusNeck of radiusUlna9




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