Appendicular Skeleton | Skeletal System of Human Anatomy | PPT

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Appendicular Skeleton | Skeletal System of Human Anatomy | PPT

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Human Anatomy

Appendicular Skeleton

Appendicular Skeleton

Includes the bones of the upper and lower limbs.

The girdles of bones that attach the upper and lower limbs to the axial skeleton.

pectoral girdle consists of bones that hold the upper limbs in place

pelvic girdle consists of bones that hold the lower limbs in place



The adult pelvis is composed of four bones:

the sacrum, the coccyx, and the right and left ossa coxae.


Protects and supports the viscera in the inferior part of the ventral body cavity.


Pelvic girdle refers to the left and right ossa coxae only.

Os Coxae

Commonly referred to as the “hip bone” or innominate bone.

Each is formed from three separate bones:

the ilium, the ischium, and the pubis

Each articulates posteriorly with the sacrum at the sacroiliac joint.

Pelvic Brim

A continuous oval ridge that helps subdivide the entire pelvis into a true pelvis and a false pelvis.

true pelvis lies inferior to the pelvic brim

encloses the pelvic cavity and forms a deep bowl that contains the pelvic organs

false pelvis lies superior to the pelvic brim

enclosed by the ala of the iliac bones

forms the inferior region of the abdominal cavity and houses the inferior abdominal organs

Arches of the Foot

The sole of the foot does not rest flat on the ground.

Helps it support the weight of the body.

Ensures that the blood vessels and nerves on the sole of the foot are not pinched when standing.



Arches of the Foot

Medial longitudinal arch extends from the heel to the big toe.

Lateral longitudinal arch is not as high as the medial longitudinal arch.

Transverse arch runs perpendicular to the longitudinal arches.


Aging of the Appendicular Skeleton

Skeletal mass and density decline.

Erosion and porosity increase.

Bones become more brittle and susceptible to fracture.

Articulating surfaces deteriorate, contributing to osteoarthritis.

Changes begin in childhood and continue throughout life.


Limb Malformations








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