Armamentarium for local analgesia

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Armamentarium for local analgesia


Figure 1 :  All local analgesic injections, especially block techniques, should be performed using an aspirating syringe system.

Figure 2 Topical analgesia. A topical analgesic should be used routinely. Benzocaine ointment 20% gives rapid and profound mucosal anaesthesia. It is available in a range of pleasant flavours, including mint, cherry, bubblegum and pina colada, and is much more readily tolerated by children than the bitter-tasting lignocaine-based products. It should be sparingly applied on a cotton roll or bud one minute before injection.

Figure 3 Local analgesic needle selection. A 30-gauge 2 cm needle (centre) is recommended for infiltration analgesia. A 27-gauge 3 cm needle is recommended for block techniques, where ability to aspirate is more crucial (right). For intraligamental and intrapapillary techniques a 30-gauge 1 cm needle is used (left).

Figure 4 Local analgesic cartridge warmer. Warming local analgesia cartridges to body temperature helps to reduce pain during administration. Commercial warmers are available for this purpose.

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