Articulations of the thorax

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Articulations of the thorax

A. Sternoclavicular Joint
■ Is a saddle-type synovial joint with two separate synovial cavities and provides the only bony attachment between the appendicular and axial skeletons.

B. Sternocostal (Sternochondral) Joints
■ Are the articulation of the sternum with the fi rst seven cartilages. The sternum (manubrium) forms synchondrosis with the fi rst costal cartilage, whereas the second to seventh costal cartilages form synovial plane joints with the sternum.
C. Costochondral Joints
■ Are synchondroses in which the ribs articulate with their respective costal cartilages.
D. Manubriosternal Joint
■ Is symphysis (secondary cartilaginous joint) between manubrium and body of the sternum.

E. Xiphisternal Joint
■ Is synchondrosis articulation between xiphoid process and body of the sternum.
F. Costovertebral Joints
■ Are synovial plane joints of heads of ribs with corresponding and supraadjacent vertebral bodies.
G. Costotransverse Joint
■ Is synovial plane joint of tubercle of rib with transverse process of corresponding vertebra.
H. Interchondral Joints
■ Are synovial plane joints between 6th and 10th costal cartilages of ribs.

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