Attrition: Definition, Aetiology & Management

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 Attrition: Definition, Aetiology & Management

Definition: Loss of tooth substance or of a restoration as a result of occlusal or approximal contact between opposing or adjacent teeth.

Aetiology :This type of wear results in the loss of tooth tissue at contacting surfaces. Over a period of time slight wear might be expected at approximal contact points resulting in a flatter, broader contact area. Attrition is often more clearly seen, however, at the occlusal or incisal surfaces of teeth, and such typical wear patterns can be seen clearly in bruxists. The causes of bruxism are unclear but factors such as stress, uneven occlusal contacts and an habitual tendency have all been suggested.

Management: The management of tooth surface loss is firstly preventive to stop further deterioration and secondly restorative if the degree of loss necessitates the replacement of the lost tooth substance.

• The aetiological factors should be identified and addressed prior to any restorative treatment being instigated.

• The use of occlusal appliances to reduce both the damage caused by attrition, and also to restore the lost occlusal vertical dimension in the short term, is the first-line approach in the treatment of this problem.

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