Axial & Appendicular Skeleton PPT

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Axial & Appendicular Skeleton PPT

206 bones in skeletal system

Goal: identify bones and their prominent surface features

Axial   vs.    Appendicular

•Vertebral column
•Thoracic cage

Remaining 126 bones of

•Pectoral girdle
•Pelvic girdle
•Attached limbs
•Cranium vs. facial bones
•Special case: hyoid bone


Vertebral Column and Spinal Curvatures

Alternating concave and convex curves

Abnormal curvatures

Spinal Deformities
•Typical vertebra has 7 processes (function?)
•Atlas & Axis (special joint!)
•Intervertebral discs (anulus   fibrosus + nucleus pulposus)
Thoracic Cage
•12 pairs of ribs
•True vs. false ribs
•Vertebrosternal,   vertebrochondral,   vertebral
•Cracked ribs (composition of rib bone?    displaced fractures uncommon, why?)
Appendicular Division

Girdles with their associated extremities

Pectoral girdle: clavicle and scapula

Upper limb: humerus, ulna, radius, carpal bones, hand

Pelvic girdle:  Os coxae

Lower limb: femur, patella, tibia, fibula, tarsal bones, foot

8 carpal (or wrist) bones:

From lateral to medial, first proximal then distal

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•Scaphoid (Navicular)
The Hand
•Metacarpals: bones in palm of hand
•Numbered from lateral to medial
•14 Phalanges
•Numbering same as with metacarpals, additionally: proximal, middle and distal phalanx
•Pollex has only two phalanges

Two os coxae are made up of 3 fused bones each



Male and female pelvis

True and false pelvis

•Femur: surgical vs. anatomic neck (also know major bone markings)
•Patella: large sesamoid bone (patellar ligament)
•Tibia: medial;  fibula: lateral, not weight bearing
•The real ankle bones are the malleoli
7 tarsal (or “ankle”) bones:

Posterior third of foot

From lateral to medial, first proximal then distal

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•3 Cuneiforms (lateral, intermediate, medial)
•Naming and numbering of metatarsals and phalanges analogous to hand
•Hallux has only two phalanges


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