Biliary Tract Disease MCQs with Answers

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Biliary Tract Disease MCQs with Answers

Biliary problems MCQ Question

1- Signs and symptoms of acute cholecystitis usually include the following except:
a- Jaundice
b- RUQ pain
c- Fever
d- Elevated WBC count
e- Nausea and vomiting

2- In obstructive jaundice, LFTs usually shows
a- Elevated indirect bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase
b- Elevated indirect bilirubin and GGT
c- Elevated direct bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase
d- Elevated direct bilirubin and ALT
e- Elevated direct bilirubin and AST

3- Prolonged PT (INR) in obstructive jaundice is due to decrease absorption of
a- Vitamin A
b- Vitamin D
c- Vitamin E
d- Vitamin K
e- Calcium

4- In acute cholecystitis, HIDA scan shows
a- Distended gallbladder
b- Contracted gallbladder
c- Non-filling of gallbladder
d- Dilated common bile duct
e- Bile leak

5- Bile contains the following except
a- Bile salts
b- CCK
c- Bile pigments
d- Cholesterol
e- Phospholipids

6- Bile secretion increased by
a- Vagus
b- Fasting
c- Sympathetic stimulation
d- Adrenaline
e- Octreotides

7- Risk factors for gallstones include all the following except
a- Obesity
b- Contraceptive pills
c- Sickle cell anemia
d- High protien diet
e- Rapid weight loss

8- Which of the following can be diagnostic and therapeutic for common bile duct stones
a- US
b- CT scan
c- HIDA scan

9- 25 Years old lady presented to ER with 2 days history of right upper quadrent pain and fever. She has no Murphy’s sign and WBC count is 7. The best management will be
a- PO Analgesia
b- IV analgesia
c- Admition and start IV antibiotics
d- Admition and start PO antibiotics
e- IV antibiotics and follow up in clinic

10- The following are indications for cholecystectomy in asymptomatic gall bladder stone patients except
a- Diabetes
b- During surgery
c- Stone 4 cm in size
d- Ischemic heart diseas
e- Hemolytic anemia

MCQ Answers

  1. A
  2. C
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A
  7. D
  8. D
  9. C
  10. D

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