Body Membranes : function and classification

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Body Membranes : function and classification

Function of body membranes are as follow :

  1. Line or cover body surfaces
  2. Protect body surfaces
  3. Lubricate body surfaces

Classification of Body Membranes

  1. Epithelial membranes
    1. Cutaneous membrane
    2. Mucous membrane
    3. Serous membrane
  2. Connective tissue membranes

Cutaneous Membrane

Cutaneous membrane is a dry membrane and outermost protective layer. It is divided in to :

  1. Superficial epidermis
    1. Keratinized stratified
      squamous epithelium
  2. Underlying dermis
    1. Mostly dense
      connective tissue

Mucous Membranes


Mucous membrane lines body cavities that open to the exterior and Function is absorption  or secretion

Serous Membranes

It is lined by  simple squamous epithelium . It lines body cavities that are closed . Serous layers are separated by serous fluid.

Connective Tissue Membrane

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