Bones and bone tissues ppt – anatomy power point

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Bones and bone tissues ppt – anatomy power point

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Subject : Anatomy
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  • One  of the most remarkable  tissues of the human  body
  • Far from inert and lifeless, bones are living, dynamic structures
  • Bones serve a wide variety of very diverse functions within us
  • Noted for their strength and resiliency during life, bones will remain after we are long gone



Skeletal  Cartilages

  • Initially  our skeleton is made  up of cartilages and  fibrous membranes
  • Gradually our skeletal cartilages are replaced by bone
  • Upon reaching adulthood the skeleton becomes almost fully ossified
  • Only a few cartilages remain in the adult skeleton

Basic  structure, type &  location

  • A  skeletal cartilage is  made of some variety  of cartilage tissue
  • Each type contains a high proportion of water which makes them resilient
  • Cartilage has no nerves or blood supply
  • It is surrounded by a dense tissue membrane called a perichondrium

Basic structure, type  & location

  • There  are three types of  cartilage tissue: hyaline,  elastic, and fibrocartilage
  • Each contains a matrix of jellylike ground substance and fibers


Hyaline  cartilages

  • The  most prevalent type  of cartilage
  • Its high proportion of collagen fibers give it flexibility and resilience while providing support
  • Upon examination the tissue appears white, frosted, and smooth

Hyaline cartilage locations

  • Articular  – covers the end  of bones
  • Costal – connect ribs to breastbone
  • Laryngeal – skeleton of larynx
  • Tracheal & bronchial – reinforce the respiratory passages
  • Nasal – support the external nose

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