Ciliary ganglion: Function, Fibres in ciliary ganglion

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Ciliary ganglion: Function, Fibres in ciliary ganglion

Ciliary ganglion:

  • Ciliary ganglion is a parasympathetic ganglion located in the posterior orbit.
  • It measures 1–2 millimeters in diameter and contains approximately 2,500 neurons.

Fibres in ciliary ganglion:

  • Three types of nerve fibers run through the ciliary ganglion:

1. parasympathetic fibers
2.sympathetic fibers
3.sensory fibers

  • Only parasympathetic fibers form synapses in the ganglion
  • The other two types of nerve fibers simply pass through

Function of ciliary ganglion:

  • Ciliary nerve innervates two muscles

1.Sphincter pupillae:
constricts the pupil, a movement known as Miosis.
2.Ciliaris muscle:
Releasing tension on the , making the lens more convex, also known as accommodation

  • Both of these muscles are involuntary – they are controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

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