Classification of Oral Mucosa

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Classification of Oral Mucosa

The oral mucosa is divided in three categories depending on its location in the mouth-

  1. Masticatory mucosa
  2. Lining mucosa
  3. Specialized mucosa

The masticatory mucosa:  It is characterized by a well-defined keratinized layer on its outermost surface subject to changes in thickness. It covers the-

  • crest of the ridge
  • the residual attached gingiva firmly adherent to the supporting bone
  • hard palate.

The specialized mucosa : This mucosal covering is keratinized. Covers the-

  • the dorsal surface of the tongue

The lining mucosa : is generally devoid of the keratinized layer. It is found to cover the:

  • Mucous membrane of lips, cheek
  • Vestibular spaces
  • Alveolingual sulcus
  • Soft palate
  •  Ventral surface of the tongue and,
  • The unattached gingiva found on slopes of residual ridge.

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