Conservative dentistry MCQ with answers – 1

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Conservative dentistry MCQ with answers – 1

2. Regarding normal flora:
a. They are the result of permanent microbial colonization in a symbolic relation with the host
b. Root canal microflora are of five types
c. Obligate aerobes and obligate anaerobes both are root canal microflora
d. DiffOther than bacteria, fungi and viruses are also associated with endodontic disease
e. Root canal flora are usually resistant to antimicrobial agents

3. The disadvantages of gutta purcha used as root canal filling material is-
a. Poor biocompatibility
b. Difficulty in preparing post-space
c. Lack of rigidity in smaller size
d. Solubility in organic solvent
e. Becomes brittle with age

4. The root filling material should reach
a. Beyond the radiographic apex
b. The dentino-cemental junction
c. Up to the radiographic apex
d. The minor diameter area
e. Up to apical foramen

5. Instrumentation well short from the working length of the canal results in-
a. Enlarging the apical foramen
b. Incomplete preparation of the root canal
c. Ledge formation in the canal
d. Trauma to apical tissue
e. Perforation of apical foramen

7. Regarding silver amalgam alloy-
a. Sn increases amalgamation time
b. Ag provides compressive strength
c. Zn adds plasticity
d. Spherical alloy needs more Hg
e. Cu reduces strength

9. For the success of root canal treatment, the important steps are-
a. Chemical debridement of the pulp space
b. Properly exploring the root canal
c. Accurate determination of the root canal length
d. Radiographic examination
e. Removal of carious dentin

10. A cracked tooth may have the following sign and symptoms-
a. Elevated sensitivity to hot and cold
b. Elevated sensitivity to cold
c. Elevated sensitivity to hot
d. Rebound pain
e. Pain responds to sweet

12. Regarding Apexogenesis-
a. Done in non-vital tooth
b. Calcific bridge is formed coronal to the root portion
c. May be done in a tooth with mechanical exposure
d. Permits linear growth of the root
e. Base-catalyst form of Ca(OH)2 is used

13. In case of root resorption-
a. Outline of canal is distorted in internal root resorption
b. Pink spot may be present in external resorption
c. External resorption may result from luxation injuries
d. Radioluscency can be seen in root and adjacent bone in case of external resorption
e. Ankylosis is an example of internal resorption

14. Regarding endodontic surgery-
a. Radisectomy means removal of root portion along with crown
b. The angle of resected root surface should be 90
c. Hemisection can be done in multi-rooted tooth
d. Root canal treatment is done before bisection
e. Apical 2-6 mm from the tip of root is removed in apicectomy

15. Regarding GIC-
a. RMGI can be classified as type II and type III GIC
b. Low viscosity GIC is used for ART
c. High viscosity GIC is used for ART
d. IS a high surface free energy substrate
e. Isa low surface free energy substrate

17. Indirect pulp treatment is done when-
a. The pain is lingering
b. The pain is not lingering
c. Sensitivity to sweet
d. Sensitivity to sour
e. Normal periapical diagnosis

18. NaOCl is an ideal root canal irrigating solution, because-
a. It acts as a dentin chelating agent
b. It is cheaper
c. It is a solvent for organic material, like pus and necrotic tissue
d. Of its anticeptic ability
e. Of its lubricating effect

19. Regarding affected dentin-
a. Bacteria present
b. Collagen Denaturation is irreversible
c. Should always be removed
d. Closure to pulp in comparison to infected dentine
e. Hard and stained

20. Ca(OH)2 when used as liner-
a. Can stimulate odontoblast to produce primary dentin
b. Can remineralize partially demineralized dentine
c. Has a natural pH
d. Has an acidic pH
e. Can prevent chemical irritation

Ans..(only true)
2. acd 3. cde 7.bc 10.bde 12.bcd 13.acd 15.acd 17.bce 18.cde

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