Dental Anatomy PPT

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Dental Anatomy PPT


• Maxilla

Deciduous Teeth

• Primary Teeth
• Post-natal development spans 2-1/2 years
• Usually 20 in number

– 4 incisors
– 2 canines
– 4 molars per arch

• In clinical practice they are designated by letters: A to T

Permanent Teeth

Development begins with the eruption of the first molars and exfoliation of the deciduous incisors
• Process requires 20 years to complete
• Usually 32 in number
• In clinical practice they are designated by numbers: 1 to 32

The Crown and Root

Crown- portion above the gingivae covered with enamel

• Root- portion below covered with cementum

• They are joined at the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ)


• Comprises the main bulk of tooth structure

• Histologically analagous to bone in composition

Pulp Chamber and Canal

• Contain the pulpal tissue
– Nervous, arteriolar and venous tissue
– fibrous tissue

The Crown

• Incisors have an incisal edge
• Canines have a single cusp
• Premolars and Molars have 2 or more cusps
• These are the cutting surfaces of the teeth

The Root

• May be single or multiple
• Firmly positioned in the boney process of the jaw called the alveolus
• The alveolus together with the teeth forms the dental arch
• The cervical area of the teeth are usually covered with a soft tissue, the gingivae

Surfaces and Ridges

• Incisors and Canines- four surfaces and a ridge
• Molars and Premolars- five surfaces


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