Dentigerous cyst : features and management

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Dentigerous cyst : features and management

It is a developmental odontogenic cyst that surrounds the crown of a tooth and is a dilatation of the follicle.

After calcification of crown, accumulation of fluid occurs between outer enamel epithelium and crown or between the two layers of outer enamel epithelium. The stimulation for which this incidence occurs is unknown. The lining becomes increases in size and the tooth becomes impacted.

Clinical features:
1. Age: 20-50 years
2. Sex: Male predilection
3. Site: Mandible > Maxilla
4. Asymptomatic
5. Painful when infected
6. Gradually increases in size
7. Anesthesia and paresthesia occurs in surrounding structures when cyst increases in size

Radiological features:
1. Well circumscribed, rounded and unilocular
2. Contains the crown of a tooth displaced from its normal position’

1. In case of 3rd molar, cyst along with tooth is removed.
2. In case of canine, we should try for the eruption of the tooth.
3. In case of large cyst, Mursupialization followed by enucleation.

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