Development of Tongue

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  • During 5th week of intrauterine life rapidly proliferating mesenchymal swelling, appear on the internal aspect of mandibular arch, known as lateral lingual swelling.
  • A small median projection arises between lateral lingual swelling, the tuberculum impar.
  • These 3 swelling arises from the 1st pharyngeal arch.
  • Caudal to this is the copula or hypobranchial eminence, is formed by mesoderm of 2nd, 3rd, part of 4th arch and contributes to tongue structure.
  • The point at which the 1st and 2nd arches merge is marked by formation of foramen caecum, just behind the sulcus terminalis (a `v` shaped groove).

I.            Foramen caecum gives rise to thyroid.

II.            Lingual swelling gives rise to anterior 2/3 of tongue.

III.            Copula gives rise to posterior 1/3 of tongue.

  • By 11th weeks of foetal life papillae of tongue are seen.
  • By 12th weeks taste buds are seen in the circumvallate papillae.
  • By 14th weeks taste buds can be observed in the fungiform papillae.

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