Functions of lysosome

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Function of lysosome:

1. Lysosomes provide an intracellular digestive system (hat allows the cell to digest within itself-i.e. damaged cellular structures, food particles, bacteria.

2. Regression of tissues Tissues of the body often regress to smaller size. For instance, this occurs in the uterus after pregnancy, in muscles during long periods of inactivity, and in mammary glands at the end of lactation. Lysosomes are responsible for much of this regression. Mechenism-unknown.

3. The lysosomes also contain bactericidal agents that can kill phagocytized bacteria before they can cause cellular damage. These agents include lysozyme that dissolves the bacterial cell membrane, lysoferrin that binds iron and other metals that are essential for bacterial growth, and acid at a pH of about 5.0 that activates the hydrolyses and inactivates some of the bacterial metabolic systems.

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