Haematology MCQs with Answers Part -1

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Haematology MCQs with Answers Part -1

Haematology MCQ Question

1. With regard to antigen presentation which one of the following most closely reflects active immunological processes?
 a. The secretary piece of antibody plays a major role in the production of IL4 and IL5 by Th2 lymphocytes
 b. Cytokines play no role in the activation of T or B lymphocytes
 c. In order for the T helper cells (CD3+, CD4+) to become activated they require specific signalling by the secretory piece of IgA
 d. Macrophages express foreign epitope in conjunction with class I to cytotoxic (Tc) CD3+, CD8+ lymphocytes
 e. A rise in the antibody IgM would stimulate macrophage-T cell interactions after these antibodies cross the placental barrier


2. Following a vaccination regimen against Rubella, the most likely immunological response is:
 a. A rise in titre of IgE antibodies
 b. An immediate rise in the level of the anti inflammatory cytokine IL10
 c. The production of antibodies would depend on the availability of NADPH-oxidase within neutrophils
 d. The first antibody to appear would be IgG followed by IgM antibodies
 e. Antibodies IgM and IgG rise to Rubella antigens


3. Which of the following is true for antibodies?
 a. They are non specific proteins forming part of the external defence system
 b. They bind to specific epitopes on various antigens
 c. They are produced by erythrocytes
 d. They play no role in the immune response
 e. They are an important component of non-specific defences


4. Which of the following best applies to hypersensitivity reactions?
 a. immune responsiveness is depressed
 b. antibody is involved in all reactions
 c. either self-antigen or heterologous antigen may be involved
 d. the antigen triggering the reaction is a harmful one
 e. neutrophil function is depressed


5. Efficient T cell-mediated killing of virus- infected cells requires that the T cells and the target cells be identical with respect to:
 a. ABO blood group antigens
 b. Rh blood group antigens
 c. class I antigens
 d. class II antigens
 e. class III antigens


MCQ Answers

  1. d
  2. e
  3. b
  4. c
  5. c

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