Head and Neck muscles: Origin, Insertion and Action

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Head and Neck muscles: Origin, Insertion and Action

Muscle: Frontalis

  • Origin: Epicranial aponeurosis
  • Insertion: Skin superior to supraorbital margin
  • Action: Draws scalp forward, raises eyebrows, wrinkles forehead

Muscle: Occipitalis

  • Origin: Occipital bone and mastoid process
  • Insertion: Epicranial aponeurosis
  • Action: Draws scalp backward

Muscle: Orbicularis Oris

  • Origin: Muscle fibers around mouth
  • Insertion: Skin at corner of mouth
  • Action: Closes and protrudes lip, compresses lips against teeth

Muscle: Orbicularis Oculi    

  • Origin: Medial wall of orbit
  • Insertion: Circular path around orbit
  • Action: Closes eye


Muscle: Temporalis  

  • Origin: Temporal and frontal bones
  • Insertion: Coronoid process and ramus of mandible
  • Action: Elevates and retracts mandible

Muscle: Masseter

Muscle: Buccinator

  • Origin: Alveolar processes of maxilla and mandible
  • Insertion: Blends into fibers of Orbicularis oris
  • Action: Blowing and sucking actions, holds cheek against teeth, assists in mastication

Muscle: Sternocleidomastoid

  • Origin: Sternum and clavicle
  • Insertion: Mastoid process
  • Action: Rotation and flexion of head

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