Immediate replacement dentures

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Immediate replacement dentures

Definition: A denture that is made prior to the extraction of the natural teeth and which is inserted into the mouth immediately after the extraction of those teeth.

Indications: Patients may require extraction of teeth due to caries or periodontal disease or for aesthetic reasons.

Advantages: Original appearance is maintained by placing the artificial teeth in a position similar to natural teeth or improved by changing the position if movement due to periodontal disease has occurred. Such dentures are provided at the time of extraction and the patient adapts to the new denture.

Disadvantages: Requires good cooperation of the patient with the need for close clinical supervision. Alveolar bone resorption occurs rapidly leading to loss of adaptation.After care may require many visits including relines rebases and replacement dentures. This leads to an increased cost. The clinician is not able to assess trial dentures.

Procedure: initial treatment should be aimed at conservation of the teeth and periodontal treatment. Impressions are taken and the jaw registration is recorded. If edentulous spaces exist then a trial stage is feasible. Casts are prepared to accept those teeth to be extracted. Finally teeth are extractedand the dentures placed immediately over the sockets.

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