Implants, bar and Ceka attachments in the management of a resection patient

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Implants, bar and Ceka attachments in the management of a resection patient


An overdenture normally attaches to an implant bar using a clip attachment, however it may be necessary to utilize other forms of retention.


Where additional retention is required to attach the removable superstructure to the bar, attachments other than clips can be utilized. The implants may have been placed so that insufficient space between the fixtures exists for a clip to be placed. The use of other smaller precision attachments can solve this problem.


• The dentures are retained by a resilient attachment to the bar and therefore no antero-posterior rocking associated with some designs of bar can occur.

• The attachment can be activated as and when wear of the component parts occurs rather than having to replace the clip or bar.


The additional cost of such attachments might be prohibitive.

These attachments give a more rigid connection between the overdenture and implants and therefore the denture may potentially place more loading on the implant fixtures.


The precision attachments are either cast or soldered into the bar during its construction stage.

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