Indication and Technique of Caldwell luc Operation

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Indication and Technique of Caldwell luc Operation

1. Inflammatory condition:

  • chronic maxillary sinusitis

2. Cystic condition:

  • Removal of cyst from the maxillary sinus

3.Neoplastic condition:

A. benign lesion

  • odontogenic


– adenomatoid odontogenic tumour

  • non odontogenic

– osteoma

– polyp

B. malignant lesion

  • squamous cell Ca
  • minor salivary gland tumor
  • adenoid cystic Ca

4. Miscellaneous:

  • Removal of any root fragments or, antrolith
  • Zygomatico maxillary fracture involving the floor of the orbit & anterior wall of maxillary sinus
  • Management of hematoma in the maxillary sinus

Technique / Procedure:
1. Anaesthesia: GA preferred
2. Incision of anterior wall of maxilla especially over the canine fossae, the incision should be semi lunar or, U shaped
3. Removal of bone & window creation, the breadth of the window should be not less than the diameter of an index finger.
4. With the help of a periosteal elevator & curator, the whole lining of the antrum will be excised along with the lesion(depending upon the type of lesion, fresh bone may need to cut
5. Debridement
6. Irrigation with normal saline
7. Drainage by naso antral tube, this is called antrostomy
8. Sometimes ribbon gauze impregnated with antibiotic solution or, paste is placed & removed gradually (within -5 days) to facilitate healing.
9. Medication: analgesic, antibiotic, antihistamin
10. Follow up
11. Advice:

  •   not to blow the nose
  •   No vigorous gurgling
  •   Soft diet


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