Infant Hearing Loss | Cochlear Implants | PPT

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Infant Hearing Loss | Cochlear Implants | PPT

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Infant Hearing Loss

Tyrell Hardtke

Cochlear Implants: The Complex Debate

CDC’s 2005 Science Ambassador Program

Presentation Overview

Facts about infant hearing loss


Causes: Genetic, Non-Genetic, and


II.   Interventions and treatments for infant hearing loss

III.  Debate over cochlear implants

Background Information

Learning About the Deaf Community

IV.             Essential question

Learning About Infant Hearing Loss

Every year, about 12,000 babies are born with hearing loss


1/3 genetic

1/3 non-genetic

1/3 unknown


Genetic Causes

Gene is inherited from a parent

400 kinds have been identified!

Syndromic or non-syndromic


Usher’s Syndrome

CX26 gene mutation

Non-Genetic and Unknown Causes


Trauma before or during birth

Low birth weight

Bacterial and viral infections (e.g., meningitis)



Research is under way to reduce number of unknown causes

Scientists think half are genetic and half are non-genetic



Interventions and Treatments for Infant Hearing Loss

Assistive technology

Cochlear implants

Hearing aids

Surgery and medications

Family support systems

Professional staff

Communication and language options

Cochlear Implants

What is it?

How does it work?

What does it look like?






How well can an implant recipient actually hear?

Cochlear Implants: The Debate

Access to hearing world vs. identity within Deaf culture (social and psychological)

Medical ethics

Actual effectiveness

Not maximizing ability to perceive sounds

Cognitive development associated with the choice of language


The Deaf Community

Supportive, strong community

Does not view hearing loss as a disability

Rich history and language (e.g., ASL)

Children with cochlear implants may have limited access to the Deaf community

Essential Question:

If you were hard of hearing, would you want a cochlear implant? Why or why not?


EHDI Science Ambassador Program Presentation

Biernath, K., Gaffney, M., and Victor, M. June 19, 2005.

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