Integumentary System ppt – anatomy powerpoint

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Integumentary System ppt – anatomy powerpoint

Power point presentation

subject – anatomy
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Skin and  its Derivatives


Epithelial  + Connective Tissue

    • Serous
    • Cutaneous
    • Mucous

Connective  Tissue

    • Synovial

Serous  Membranes

Line body cavities  that have no openings to outside.

Secrete watery fluid.

Simple squamous epith  + loose CT

Mucous  Membranes

Serous,  Mucous Membranes

Synovial  Membrane

Lines joint cavities  at articulations.

Loose CT + elastic  fibers + adipose tissue

Cutaneous  Membrane

Stratified squamous  epithelium + CT + muscle + nervous  tissue

Functions  of Skin

  • Protects from  injuries
  • Acts as barrier and regulates what enters/leaves body.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Synthesizes, stores vitamins.
  • Sensory functions


Stratum corneum

Stratum granulosum

Stratum spinosum

Stratum basale (germinativum)

Stratum lucidum**

**Thick skin only

Stratum  Basale

  • Lowest epidermal  layer, near dermis
  • Good nutrient supply
  • Reproduces by mitosis
  • Cuboidal, columnar in shape
  • Moves to upper epidermis in 27 days.

Stratum  Basale

Stratum  Spinosum

  • Living cells
  • Dividing
  • 8-10 cells thick
  • Polygonal in appearance

Stratum  Spinosum

Stratus  Granulosum,     Lucidum

  • Poor nutrient  supply.
  • Flatten layer of cells.
  • 3-5 cells thick.
  • No cell division.
  • Keratin accumulates.
  • Found only  in very thick skin.
  • Translucent.
  • Highly keratinized.
  • Dead cells

Stratum  Corneum

  • 25-30 cells  thick.
  • Cells are filled with keratin and hardened.
  • Sloughed off.
  • Outer most layer of epidermis.
  • Keratinocytes

Anatomy  A215: EPIDERMIS LAYERS  Memory Matrix


Superficial  or Deep Layer?


Are  cells keratinized in  this layer?

Seen  in THIN skin too?

Stratum  Basale

Stratum  Spinosum

Stratum  Granulosum

Stratum  Lucidum

Stratum  Corneum


Irregular Dense Connective  Tissue

Collagenous fibers


Sweat gland

Sebaceous gland

Arrector pili muscle

Blood vessels


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