Intercostal Muscles PPT

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Intercostal Muscles PPT

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External Intercostals
Origin : Inferior border of rib above     Insertion : Superior border of rib below
Fibers run OBLIQUE (down and forward)
Aid in Inspiration (lift ribcage, increase dimensions)
Internal Intercostals
Origin : Superior border of rib below     Insertion : Inferior border of rib above
Fibers run at RIGHT ANGLES to external intercostals
Aid in forced expiration (depress ribcage, decrease dimensions)
Innermost Intercostals, Subcostals, Transversus thoracis
Attachments similar to Internal Intercostals, Attach ribs
Small, variable, function unclear
Neurovascular Bundle of Intercostal Muscles
VAN (vein, artery, nerve)
  • Intercostal vein
  • Intercostal artery
  • Intercostal nerve
Sit in Subcostal Groove
Between Internal Intercostal and Innermost intercostal layer


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