Internal Resorption : Histology

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Internal Resorption : Histology

Histology :

A. Porcine anterior tooth following preparation of a cavity and filling with silicate cement.

B. The enlarged section of an internal resorption exhibits a high number of vessels. Giant cells are visible at the periphery.

C. Visible are neutrophilic granulocytes and lymphocytes as well as multinucleated giant cells.

D. Adjacent to the tubular dentin one sees multinucleated giant cells (dentinoclasts), which have created resorption lacunae (Howship lacunae).

E. Individual dentinoclasts as multinucleated giant cells exhibiting clear polarity. The dentin surface exhibits a ruffled border. The cellular processes may exhibit ameboid mobility; lysosomal enzymes destroy dentin matrix. The remaining organic matrix is phagocytozed.

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