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  • Complete denture prosthodontics or full denture prosthetics is defined as “The replacement of the natural teeth in the arch and their associated parts by artificial substitutes”.
  • It can also defined as “The art and science of the restoration of an edentulous mouth “.
  • Complete denture is defined as “A dental prosthesis which replaces the entire dentition and associated structures of maxilla and mandible”.


  1. Removable CD
  2. Fixed CD

Functions of cd

  • Aesthetics: should restore the lost facial contour, vertical dimension etc.
  • Mastication: should have proper balanced occlusion in order to enhance the stability of the denture.
  • Phonetics: should restore the speech of the patient.

Parts of CD

  • Denture base: `That part of denture which rests on the oral mucosa and to which teeth are attached`. Usually made in acrylic resin or metal like gold, gold alloy, nickel-chromium, chromium- cobalt alloys.
  • Denture flange: `The essentially vertical extension from the body of the denture into one of the vestibules of the oral cavity. Also on the mandibular denture, the essentially vertical extension along the lingual side of the alveololingual sulcus`. There may be
  1. Labial flange
  2. Buccal flange
  3. Lingual flange

The flanges are named based on the vestibule they extend into.

  • Denture border: `The margin of the denture base at the junction of the polished surface and the impression surface`.
  • Denture teeth.

Steps of fabrication of CD

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plan
  • Elimination of problem/improvement of denture condition/pre prosthetic mouth preparation
  • Primary impression taking
  • Fabrication of special tray/individual tray
  • Border molding
  • Final impression and final model/master cast
  • Fabrication of denture base
  • Fabrication of occlusal rim
  • Record of jaw/jaw registration
  • Articulation
  • Selection of artificial teeth
  • Alignment/arrangement/setting of teeth or bite block
  • Removal of teeth from bite block
  • Try in waxed denture in the mouth of patient
  • Half flasking/full flasking/processing of acrylic or metalic denture
  • After processing finishing and polishing
  • Insertion and instruction.

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