layers of Scalp with figure and most dangerous area of scalp

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layers of Scalp with figure and most dangerous area of scalp

Definition – The soft tissue covering the cranial  vault is called the scalp.


Anteriorly. Supra Orbital margin

Posteriorly, External Occipital protuberance.

Superior nuchal line.

On each side  Superior Temporal Line.


Layers of Scalp:

S = (1) Skin: C = (2) Connective tissue (Superficial fascia); A = (3) Aponeurosis (Epior aponeurosisor galea aponeurotica) with Occipito-frontalis muscle; L = (4) Loose areolar tissue. P = (5) Pericranium.


Dangerous layer of Scalp

The layer of loose areolar tissue is called the dangerous layer of the scalp because there are

openings of the emissary veins in here. ft. e. the veins that connects extra cranial vein With the intracranial venous sinus.) It has no valve in it. So blood can flow in both direction. If any infection occurs in the scalp may transmit to the intracranial venous sinus. (e. g. meningitis encephalitis) which ultimately causes thrombosis, which may cause death.


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