Le Fort I Fracture : Clinical features & Management

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Le Fort I Fracture : Clinical features & Management

Le Fort I fracture is also known as low level fracture or, dento-alveolar fracture. The Le Fort I fracture line is-

“It starts from the lateral wall of the floor of the base of the pyriform aperture, crosses laterally over the alveolar bone& ends by fracturing the lower 3rd of the pterygoid plate“.


Clinical feature:
1. Disharmony of the occlusion: anterior open bite, cross bite, reverse over jet etc
2. Swelling & edema of the lower part of the face including the upper lip.
3. Pain of the affected part, especially during speaking & moving the jaw.
4. Mobility of the dento-alveolar portion of the jaw.
5. Ecchymosis & epistaxis may be present.

After proper initial management Treatment is done by-
IMF along with zygomatico-mandibular suspension wiring
• Open reduction followed by internal fixation by transosseous wiring & miniplate osteosynthesis.

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