Le Fort II fracture: Clinical features & Management

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Le Fort II fracture: Clinical features & Management

Le Fort II fracture is also known as mid-level fracture or, Sub zygomatic fracture. The Le Fort II fracture line is-

“It starts mid portion of the nasal bone as well as frontal process of maxilla & lacrimal bone. Then it appears in the floor of the orbit, runs anteriorly fracturing the inferior orbital rim & then passes downwards through the infraorbital foramen or, medial to it. Then it curves laterally below the zygomatic buttress & then fractures the posterior wall of maxilla & mid portion of the pterygoid plate “.


Clinical feature:
1. Epistaxis
2. Diplopia
3. Enopthalmus
4. Exopthalmus
5. Subconjuntival hemorrhage
6. Periorbital ecchymoses

After proper initial management Treatment is done by-
• Open reduction by sub cilliary or, sub conjunctival or, infraorbital rim incision & fixation of the fragmented bones by transosseous wiring & miniplate osteosynthesis. During this procedure assurance of the Diplopia correction is a must.
• For the control of epistaxis, nasal pack is needed.
IMF along with zygomatico-mandibular suspension wiring
• If the orbital floor fracture is gross, then antral pack is needed especially for correction of Diplopia.

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