Le Fort III fracture: Clinical feature & Management

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Le Fort III fracture: Clinical feature & Management

Le Fort III fracture is also known as high level fracture or, Supra zygomatic fracture. It is mainly separation of the face from the cranial base. The Le Fort III fracture line is-

“The fracture or separation starts from the root of the nasal bone, runs laterally & posteriorly to the orbit. The optic canal & supra orbital fissures area are fractured and reaches the lateral wall of the orbit and fractures the front-zygomatic suture & finally separate the pterygoid plate from its roots“.


Clinical feature:
1. Lengthening/ hooding of the face
2. Epistaxis
3. CSF rhinorrhoea
4. Diplopia
5. Enopthalmus
6. Exopthalmus
7. Subconjuntival hemorrhage
8. Periorbital ecchymoses

After proper initial management Treatment is done by-
• Open reduction followed by internal fixation. By bicoronal incision lateral eyebrow incision along with incision over the root of the nasal bon
• After reduction CSF rhinorrhoea stopping is ensured
• Antibiotics to prevent meningitis
IMF along with zygomatico-mandibular suspension wiring

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