Making a Facebow/ Earbow Transfer

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Making a Facebow/ Earbow Transfer

1. Mark the facial midline on maxillary wax rim

2. Heat the edentulous bite fork, center and insert it into the facial surface of the maxillary occlusion rim on the fork, about 1-2 mm from the occlusal surface. Make sure all prongs insert into the wax, and attach firmly. If you overheat the fork, it will melt the wax and make attachment difficult

3. Place the bite fork with the attached record base in the patient’s mouth, have the patient close against the opposing rim to stabilize the bite fork

4. Slide the facebow/earbow onto bite fork handle with the earbow pointing vertically at the beginning

5. Rotate the facebow until the earpieces are centered over the external auditory meatus and then center the assembly

6. Establish the third point of reference – Whip Mix uses Nasion; Hanau should contact cheek at infraorbital foramen

7. Tighten the assembly on the bite fork, ensuring the record base is fully seated

8. Loosen the earpieces and remove carefully

9. Attach to articulator in a centered position

10. Zero the incisal pin and incisal guidance table; lock the condylar elements in the hinge position and the attach a mounting ring to upper member of the articulator

Indirect Mount: (Whip Mix) attaches the indirect mounting platform, remove the transfer rod/bitefork assembly intact from the facebow and attach to the mounting platform


Direct Mount: if using an H2 Hanau articulator/earbow combination – set horizontal condylar elements to 70°and Bennett adjustment to 0°- ear piece slides on pin which is on the movable element. If using a facebow, this does not apply. Lower the bite fork handle to the lower mark on incisal pin or match the third point of reference attachments.

11. Adjust a cast support under the bite fork

12. Mix fast set or mounting plaster to a creamy consistency – apply to ring and wet cast surface

13. Close the articulator. Once set, remove the ring and cast and add mounting stone to make the mounting smooth and neat.

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