Male Reproductive System PPT

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Male Reproductive System PPT

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Reproductive System


1.Identify the structures of the male and female reproductive systems, including the gross and microscopic anatomy of the organs, structures and accessory glands and their basic functions.
2.Explain meiosis, spermatogenesis and oogenesis.
3.Discuss the changes that occur in the female reproductive system during pregnancy.
General Organization
Gonads  →  gametes & hormones
Ducts →   transport of . . . ?
Glands  →  secrete fluid
Perineal structures = external genitalia
 Male Reproductive Anatomy
Primary reproductive organs produce gametes
Secondary reproductive organs . . .
Male reproductive and urinary tracts are partially shared
Testes (paired glands)
Develop adjacent to kidneys
Descend into scrotum through inguinal canal (function of gubernaculum testis)
Peritoneal lining is carried along Þ lining of scrotum
Spermatic cord: bundle containing all the “duct work”

In 3% of full-term and 30% of premature deliveries

Significance?     –     Treatment?

Spermatic Cord

Can be palpated as it passes over the pubic brim.

Constituents :

1.  Pampiniform plexus of   spermatic vein

2.  Spermatic artery

3.  Ductus (vas) deferens

4.  Lymphatics

5.  Nerves-ilioinguinal and genitofemoral


Function: supports and protects testes

Structure: Skin & underlying         superficial fascia

Dartos muscle in dermis
Cremaster muscle –  continuous with abdominal wall muscles  (?)

Involuntary contraction (cremasteric reflex) in response to ________

Scrotal sac forms 2   separate chambers

Structure of Testes

Fibrous capsule      – tunica albuginea – surrounds testes
Scrotal cavity – lined by tunica vaginalis – parietal and visceral layers
200-300 lobules
3 seminiferous tubules
From Spermatocyte to Spermatozoon
Spermatogenesis: Meiosis of primary spermatocytes  → spermatids
Spermiogenesis: Spermatid maturation into spermatozoa within Sertoli cells
Spermiation: Spermatozoon released into lumen
Sustentacular (Sertoli) Cells
nMaintenance of blood testis barrier

special lumen fluid high in sex hormones, K+ and aa

protection from immune attack (due to sperm specific ag)

Suspend spermatids and support spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis → FSH and Testosterone work via Sertoli cells
Secretion of inhibin to slow sperm production
Secretion of androgen-binding   protein (ABP)
Anatomy of a Spermatozoon

Mature sperm has 3 portions:

1.Head with acrosome (containing _______ )
2.Middle piece with nucleus and lots of ?
3.Tail – flagellum – (rotating in corkscrew fashion)
~ 7 m long

Head – superior, receives spermatozoa

Body – distal and inferior

Tail – leads to ductus deferens


1) Monitors and adjusts tubular fluid (stereocilia!)

2) Recycles damaged spermatozoa

3) Stores sperm and facilitates maturation

Pathway of Sperm

Seminiferous tubules
Rete testis
Vas (ductus) deferens
Ampulla of vas deferens
Ejaculatory duct
Prostatic urethra
Membranous urethra
Penile (spongy) urethra
Accessory Glands

Provide for 95% of the seminal fluid

1) Seminal Vesicles

Paired, on back wall of urinary bladder
Tubular (~ 15 cm)
Produce  60% of semen, hormones, fructose, etc.
Activate sperm (leading to motility)
Prostate Gland

20 – 30% of seminal fluid

Single, doughnut-shaped

Secretion contains:

Seminal plasmin (mild antibiotic)
Prostate specific antigen (PSA) – blood test for ?
Bulbourethral glands (Cowper’s glands)

Pea size, paired, at base of penis

Produce about 10% of semen

Alkaline mucus – function??


2-5 ml ejaculate

Ejaculation of semen by pelvic floor and penile muscles (Sympathetic division induces peristalsis in tract)


1. sperm – 20 – 100 million sperm/ ml

2. seminal fluid – see above glands

  3. enzymes – proteases and seminalplasmin

Root – fixed to ischial ramus

Body  with erectile tissues

Glans – enlargement of corpus spongiosum

Prepuce – foreskin – partially covers glans and surrounds external urethral meatus (may be removed in circumcision)

Preputial glands – produce smegma (supports bacterial growth, such as E. coli)

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