MPDS (Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome) – Investigation and Treatment

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MPDS (Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome) – Investigation and Treatment

Investigation :

Radiological examination:

1. OPG: hazy appearance, the radiolucency is almost converted to radio opacity.
2. TMJ tomography
3. Arthrography
4. CT scan
5. MRI
6. Arthroscopy


A. Non Surgical approach:

1. Conservative treatment:

a. Counseling

b. Rest of the joint:

• Soft diet for 3-4 weeks
• Use of elastic for restricted mouth opening : 3-4 weeks

c. Hot & cold compression over the area for 10-15 minutes/day

d. Drugs:

• Analgesics:
Diclofenac sodium
• H2 receptor blocker
• Muscle relaxant
• Anti depressant:

2.Supportive treatment:

• In case of bruxism, posterior bite plane
• For cuspal interference by faulty restoration: correction of the restoration
• For posterior edentulous area: denture
• Extraction of 3rd molar

3.Corrective treatment:

1. Intra lesional steroid therapy: hydrocortisone for 3-4 weeks
2. Arthrocentesis

B. Surgical approach:

• Menisectomy
• High condylectomy
• eminectomy

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