Muscle Tissue ppt – anatomy power point

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Muscle Tissue ppt – anatomy power point

Power point presentation

subject – anatomy
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Muscle Tissue Skeletal – striated, multinucleate, voluntary, 10-100m Smooth-found in walls of hollow visceral organs; ex. stomach, bladder, respiratory passages; visceral, nonstriated, involuntary; discuss peristalsis Cardiac–in heart only, striated, involuntary, intercalcated disks Muscular Tissues Muscle  function:produce movement
maintain posture
stabilize joints
generate heat
move substances within the bodyFunctional  Characteristics:

Excitability- respond to a stimulus
Contractility- ability to shorten forcibly when adequately stimulated
Extensibility- the ability to be stretched
Elasticity- the ability of a muscle fiber to resume its resting length after being stretched

Skeletal Muscle TissueSmooth Muscle TissueCardiac Muscle TissueSkeletal Muscle

Connective tissue sheaths of skeletal muscle:
Epimysium: dense regular connective tissue surrounding entire muscle
Perimysium: fibrous connective tissue surrounding fascicles (groups of muscle fibers)
Endomysium: fine areolar connective tissue surrounding each muscle fiber

Figure 9.1 Bone Perimysium Endomysium(between individualmuscle fibers) Muscle fiber Fascicle(wrapped by perimysium) Epimysium Tendon Epimysium Muscle fiberin middle ofa fascicle Blood vessel Perimysium Endomysium Fascicle (a) (b)bundle of muscle fibers  muscle fiber(cell) myofibril sarcomere Muscle AnatomyMuscle FiberMyofibrilSarcomere Z linesSarcomere A bandSarcomere I bandsSarcomere H zoneActin and Myosin Filaments myosin actinMyosin (Thick) FilamentActin (Thin) FilamentSliding Filament Hypothesis A Z Z H I I A I I Z Z H Z Z H A I IActin (Thin) Filament No Calcium Ion tropomyosin troponinActin (Thin) Filament Calcium Ion Present tropomyosin myosin binding sitesActin & Myosin InteractionBiology 100Human Biology Motor Unit spinal cord motor neurons muscle bundle muscle fibers neuromuscular junctionsNeuromuscular junctions branching axon to motor unit muscle fibersAxon(motor neuron) sarcolemma myofibrils sarcomere sarcoplasm Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Neuromuscular junctionT tubules sarcoplasmic reticulum

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