Muscles of upper limb PPT

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Muscles of upper limb PPT

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subject – anatomy
•The upper limb consists of four major segments:
1.Shoulder: includes pectoral, scapular, and deltoid regions
2.Arm: anterior and posterior regions
3.Forearm: anterior and posterior regions
4.Hand: wrist, palm, dorsum, and digits
Muscles of the pectoral region
Muscle Nerve Supply Function
Pectoralis major Medial and lateral pectoral nerves (C5, C6,C7, C8, T1) Adduction and medial rotation of humerus
Pectoralis minor  Medial pectoral nerve(C6,C7, C8) Depresses tip of shoulder and protracts scapula
Subclavius Nerve to subclavius(C5, C6) Depresses  clavicle 
Serratus anterior Long thoracic nerve(C5, C6,C7) Protract and rotate the scapula and elevates the rib

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