Nerve Supply of the Jaws and Teeth

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Nerve Supply of the Jaws and Teeth

The fifth cranial nerve (the trigeminal nerve) is the largest of the twelve pairs. It is of particular importance in dentistry since it provides the nerve supply to the jaws and the teeth. The fifth cranial nerve contains both motor and sensory fibers. Thus, it has a motor root supplying motor impulses to the muscles of mastication and a sensory root supplying sensory impulses from the structures of the head and face. Before leaving the cranial cavity, the sensory root divides into three branches or divisions.

1.Ophthalmic Nerve or First Division. This division supplies sensation to

  • The eyes,
  • The tear-producing glands,
  • The mucous lining of the nose,
  • The eyelids,
  • The eyebrows, and
  • The forehead.

2.Maxillary Nerve or Second Division.

3.Mandibular Nerve or Third Division.

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