Ophthalmology MCQ questions with answers for Medical Students

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Ophthalmology MCQ questions with answers for Medical Students

1. The anatomy of upper eyelid has the following structures Except:

A.  Skin
B.  Tarsus
C.  Superior Oblique Muscle
D.  Conjunctiva
E.   Orbicularis Muscle

2. Trachoma has the following criteria:

A.  It is caused by atypical bacteria
B.  It can lead to blindness
C.  It causes dry eye
D.  It is manifested by follicular conjunctival reaction
E.   It cause ectropion of the eyelid

3. As regard Orbital Cellulitis:

A.  Should be treated by intravenous antibiotics
B.  Treated as an out-patient
C.  Proptosis is rare
D.  Full extraocular motility
E.   Vision is always normal

4. This patient is complaining of foreign body sensation with redness. The possible etiology is:

A.  Blepharitis
B.  Chalazion
C.  Entropion with secondary trichiasis
D.  Dry eye
E.   Acute angle closure glaucoma


1.   (C) :As superior oblique is an orbital structures.
2.   (E)  :Trachoma causes entropion
3.   (A)  :Orbital cellulites should be admitted and specific signs for diagnosis are proptosis, limitation of extraocular motility and frequently associated with decreased vision.
4.    (C)  :The upper eyelid shows rubbing lashes

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