Oral lichen planus: Clinical feature, Symptoms, Types and Treatment

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Oral lichen planus: Clinical feature, Symptoms, types and Treatment

Oral lichen planus:
Lichen planus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder which affects mucosa with or without involving the skin or other mucosa.

Clinical feature:
1. Age: Middle age and adult
2. Sex: Female predilection in 65% cases
3. Site:

a. Posterior aspect of buccal mucosa
b. Lateral border of tongue
c. Lower lip and gingiva
d. Floor of the mouth and palate

4. Reticular form:

a. Lacy, stassy or annular pattern may be found
b. It is usually bilateral and symmetrical in both site
c. It is asymptomatic usually

5. It may be found in bolus form. Bolus means fluid filled vesicles which projects from buccal mucosa.
6. It may be in erosive form in buccal mucosa or desquamation occurs hence ulcer occurs.
7. Erosive type is very painful and causes soreness of mouth

8. From this, lichen planus may turn into malignancy.


1. Erosive Lichen planus: multifocal smooth white lesion with erythematous base

2. Non-Erosive Lichen planus

  • reticular: reticulated, interconnected, wide thread like
  • plaque: smooth to slightly irregular surface
  • circinate: oval to tangent shape white lesion

1. Blood test to exclude Hepatitis
2. Biopsy:

a. Hyperkeratosis
b. Saw like rete pegs
c. T-lymphocyte is found under microscope, specially CD8

1. Topical/oral/injection of Corticosteroid to decrease the swelling and as immunosuppressive
2. Retinol to reduce itching
3. Cyclosporine is given if steroid is not given
4. Ultraviolet therapy

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