Orthodontic appliance Bite Plane: Definition, Types, Indication, Requirement

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Orthodontic appliance Bite Plane

What’s the bite plane??

It is a shelf of acrylic added to the baseplate to clear the occlusion or to reduce the over bite if it interfere with tooth movement.

Types of bite planes

there are 2 types of bite planes

  • Anterior bite planes: If anterior it’s acryl in the palate just behind the upper incisors, so the lower incisors will bite on the anterior bite plane. Anterior bite plane is used in case of increased overbite to decrease it .
  • Posterior bite planes. If posterior it will cover the occlusal surfaces of the posterior teeth. Posterior bite plane is used in case of reduced overbite to increase it .

The anterior bite plane


It should be :

  • Flat anterior bite plane.
  • Simple form of functional appliances (because it do separation)
  • Allows overbite reduction by:-

– passive eruption of posterior teeth (due to the separation posteriorly).

– relative intrusion of the incisors.

– true intrusion of the incisors ( which comes from the oro-facial tissue force).


Characteristics of anterior bite plane :-

  • Used in excessive anterior overbite.
  • Allows eruption of posterior teeth so reduction anteriorly.
  • It should be flat .
  • All the lower incisors should be in touch with the anterior bite plane (because if the touch were on one tooth this will be occlusal trauma).
  • Should be high enough to produce 2-3mm separation posteriorly.
  • It should not encroach tongue space.

The Posterior bite plane:-


  • Reduced or average overbite .
  • Reversed overjet .
  • Unilateral posterior crossbite .



  • It should be thin .
  • It has to be wide enough to cover buccal & lingual surfaces .
  • Occlusion should be equal in both sides .

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