Orthodontic Removable Appliance: Buccal canine retractor

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Orthodontic Removable Appliance: Buccal canine retractor

It’s used to retract the buccally erupted canine; it also should be mesially tilted or in the worst case in upright position, but it’s not used on distally erupted canines, why? Because it works palataly and distally so if the canine is already distally erupted that will lead to moving the canine more distally which is not favorable. The canine should also be above the occlusal plane because this appliance moves the tooth occlusaly.

  • The gauge: is 0.7 mm (you can use 0.5mm in case of tubing)
  • The direction of movement:
  1. distally
  2. occlusaly (extrusion force)
  3. palataly
  • Components:
  1.  Active arm: in contact with the tooth to be moved.
  2.  Coil: it’s used to increase the length, flexibility and force adjustment.
  3. Retentive arm: which is incorporated in acrylic


For palatal movement we have the buccal canine retractor which moves the tooth palatally, distally & slightly occlusally.

but if we need pure palatal movement ( Let’s say the canine is buccally erupted, however it’s distally inclined “so we can’t use buccal canine retractor because we don’t want to tip the canine more distally”) so in that case we can use self supporting buccal spring.

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