Ossifying fibroma : features and treatment

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Ossifying fibroma : features and treatment

It is a true neoplasm with growth potential.

Clinical feature:
1. Age: Wide range with most pre-incidences from 3rd and 4th decades of life
2. Sex: Female predilection
3. Site: Mandible
4. It may be asymptomatic
5. It may cause progressive swelling of jaw and cause facial asymmetry
6. Pain may occur due to secondary infection
7. Pain and paresthesia is usually uncommon
8. Gradual expansion and thinning of buccal and lingual cortical plate is seen

Radiological findings:
1. It may be unilocular with well defined margin
2. Depending upon the calcifying material, it may vary in Radiopacity
3. When only fibrous connective tissue is present, it is radio lucent
4. It may appear as Radiopaque with thin radiolucent rim when calcified material is produced
5. At last it is Radiopaque
6. Divergence of root or root Resorption is seen

Histological feature:
The neoplasm is composed of fibrous connective tissue and hard tissue component. He bony component is composed of osteoid or Cementum like speckles and bony trabecule.

1. Easily enucleate the tumour with relative edge
2. Sometimes needs resection and reconstruction of jaw in case of large ossifying fibroma


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