Other specific types of Diabetes mellitus (DM)

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Other specific types of Diabetes mellitus (DM)

Other specific types of DM include:

  • genetic defects in beta-cell function, also known as maturity-onset diabetes of the young,
  • genetic defects in insulin action (i.e., mutations in the insulin receptor),
  • diseases of the exocrine pancreas (e.g., hemochromatosis, neoplasm, cystic fibrosis),
  • endocrinopathies (e.g., Cushing’s syndrome, acromegaly, somatostatinoma, glucagonoma),
  • drug-induced DM (e.g., pentamidine, glucocorticoids, alpha interferon),
  • infections, and
  • other rare genetic disorders.


dm Diabetes mellitus (DM) classification by etiology

Type 1 DM

Type 2 DM

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