Pediatrics Autism and Language Disorders MCQ question with Answers

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Pediatrics Autism and Language Disorders MCQ question with Answers

Pediatrics MCQ Question

1. What are the three main areas affected in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder?
a. Splinter skills
b. Socialization
c. Language
d. Motor abilities
e. Repetitive and restricted interests and activities

2. What differentiates Language Disorders from Autistic Spectrum Disorders?
a. Social skills are secondarily affected.
b. Interests are not usually restricted.
c. There is usually no repetitive behavior.
d. Autism doesn’t affect language.
e. Most children with language disorders are not usually mentally retarded, while the majority of children with autism are.

3. Which medical disciplines generally see children with autism?
a. Pediatricians
b. Child Psychologists
c. Child Psychiatrists
d. Neurologists
e. Family Practitioners

4. True/False: Medications can directly treat autism.

5. Which evaluations would be important in diagnosing children thought to possibly have autism or language disorders?
a. Audiology
b. Intelligence/Cognitive Testing
c. Allergy testing
d. Behavioral assessment
e. Physical examination


Pediatrics MCQ Answers

1. b, c, e

2. a, b, c, e

3. all are correct

4. False, medications are used symptomatically for particular behaviors or related affective disorder.

5. a, b, d, e

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